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Management Consultancy & Solutions

We are providing management consultancy and solutions to support public, private and voluntary sector organisations for delivering their services.

Our clients are GP consortia, solo practitioners, Primary care trusts, Acute care tusts, DoH, Global health organisations, Public health and health protection bodies, Local authority, health ministries, voluntary andstatutory organisations and pharmaceutical industry.

We categorise our services in following speciality domains.

  1. Appreciative enquiry to assess local health demands.
  2. Cost effectiveness studies.
  3. Innovative business frameworks for partnership approach and creating compatibility with commercial world demands.
  4. Change management.
  5. Conducting service audits and improving systems.
  6. Expert reviews
  7. Services Review and redesign to reach resource efficiency.
  8. Business planning and development.
  9. Devising strategies and policies
  10. Project and programme management
  11. Designing work stream frameworks
  12. Public health planning and execution (Maternity and children services, falls prevention, immunisation, smoking cessation, cancer screening, obesity)
  13. Commissioning processes.
  14. Innovative contracting and tendering
  15. Reaching local population with social marketing approach.

Health Intelligence

  1. Evidence base reviews, Research, and focus groups.
  2. Literature reviews and appraisals
  3. Telemedicine and IT health solutions.
  4. Technical support.

Few of our specialist areas

  1. Telemedicine
  2. Public health programme planning and implementation
  3. Viral vaccinology
  4. Setting virtual wards for CVD.
  5. Mobile ECG diagnosis services.
  6. Health checks/MOT