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Training and leadership Development

We are aspired to be world leaders in supporting organisations to build leadership at all hierarchical level and help them to maximise their potential. We believe that the workforce is the building blocks of a successful organisation. Global Training and leadership services are an institutionalised group because of strong network with management schools and industry. This enables us to create programmes which produce positive, motivated and achieving workforce.We provide value added services by empowering work force and management processes through comprehensive consultancy from our experience executives to understand core values of our client and provide training service based on modern techniques.

Our Team
Our team consists of top most management consultants, trainers, institutions, exclusive contracts with leading training providers, carefully chosen to provide highest standards of training.

Our Clients
Pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, National health services, Local Health services, Pharmacy chains, Public health institutes and other health and social care organizations.
Our programmes are designed and delivered by professionals already working in the field to cascade their practical knowledge and equip teams with applicable skills and political astuteness.We believe on bringing strengths together to maximize efficiency. Each individual have some leadership qualities, our comprehensive training programme empower individuals to acknowledge their strengths and feel valued. We also have tailor made training programmes to develop leadership throughout the organization. We provide world class training using latest training techniques. Our training specialists can assess the teams to bridge the gaps at all levels and consolidate teams.We use robust tools to provide psychometric profile for organizations to establish insight and gauge the programme according to individual needs. In order to deliver quality training our modules are modeled on some of the nationally recognized programmes from world renowned institutes. Our staff is highly qualified and meets the international criteria for delivering training.

Tailor Made Packages For Clients

We tailor made packages for our clients, and also have turn around teams to help organisations embrace challenges and change with positive attitude. We specialise in providing services for health sector by hiring top consultants across the world, providing research and consultancy supported by the depth of our knowledge and experience brought together from the best practices around the world.