Global Health & Beauti

About Global Health & Beauti

Global beauti evolved with the vision of providing quality health and well-being products. Global Beauti offers beauty implements and specialises in Manicure, pedicure, travel kits, gift sets, liquid makeup, cosmetic tools and disability products in personal and professional range. There are four representative brands with more than 200 products.

The portfolio ranges from Beauty Sundries in Personal and professional range, vitamins, Gloves, Mobility and Support products. Global Beauti brands are widely available from Pharmacies throughout the UK, Amazon, Auravita, major wholesalers and retailers.

Global Beauti views customers with a lifetime commitment by firmly believing in 3R policy: Relationship, Reward, and Retention. The company builds Relationship with the customers that Reward it with repeat order as satisfied client and thus Retention is guaranteed with more references and orders.

Global Beauti products and services are designed as required by the customers. Global Beauti assures quality, timely delivery and manufacturing of the new products with client’s specifications. A dedicated complaints and complement system is in place to register client’s queries and comments to continuously identify areas for improvement.

Our Vision


To be a leading brand in beauty and have presence in key beauty markets in the world by developing the entity in the house of quality, arena for trendy products and hub for innovation.



World class standards and quality Customer satisfaction Modernisation and innovation Global partnership

6E caters the needs of customers by providing a wide range of trendy products under one umbrella. All these products are developed keeping in mind the latest trends in the market. 6E gives a wide choice and competitive pricing to its customers. 6E is available online by visiting Global Beauti online shop, various major pharmacy groups including Numark and Pharmaco, High street retailers like TK Maxx, Amazon, and many other wholesalers and retailers across UK.

Country girl offers premium quality beauty products providing value for money to quality conscious customers. Country Girl is fashionable, competitive and stands out from contemporary brands because of quality, presentation and professionalism.Country girl is offering a wide range of beauty implements made from high quality materials, safe packaging, and above all a life time guarantee. Country girl offers a range of products used for pedicure, manicure, eyes and face for all basic beauty and grooming needs. The products in this range are carefully selected with the help of beauticians and experts keeping in mind the precision expected by customers. For trade and OEM queries please contact us via email.

Eternelle is a unique brand developed with a passion and aspiration to meet world class quality. The products under this brand are developed from the hand-picked expertise across the world. All products are made of professional quality and highest precision. Éternelle can be a gift for someone special, or for personal use. Each unit is packed to keep the item safe and secure in professional looking packaging. The main categories Éternelle serve are Eyes, Face, Hair, Hand and feet.