About Us

Who we are

Global Linkx is a commitment to support and cultivate well being across boundaries. We proactively link professional expertise around the world with mutual values. We constanly endeavour to gauge our services to meet the expectations generated by modernisation in healthcare industry. We are covering a wide variety of products across a broad range of disciplines. We are dealing not only in Medical, dental and electro medical products but also provide tailor made solutions to the healthcare industry. Customers are at the heart of our services and we are keen on consolidating our partnership with our stakeholders.We empower our clients and health professionals and work closely with them by maximising the accessibility and availability of our products and services.


Global Linkx aspire to foster healthier communities and committed to provide quality products and services by ensuring robust systems in place. We are offering products and services delivered by highly qualified and skilled professionals making full use of advance technology.

We value the contributions of our clients to our business. Hence, ardently strive to provide support to health professionals, health care sector and other partners by offering best possible solutions from the international market to encapsulate delivering well-being. We believe on evolution and continuously expanding our horizon for innovation and modernisation. We are also keeping pace with new research and development. Our motive is linking health services across the globe to identify and share the potential

Ethics is at the pulse of our strategies to deliver our business. We have a zealous will to foster healthy environment. We have stringent policies to ensure equal opportunity, equality and diversity and transparency of our systems. We strongly feel the responsibility for confidentiality of our clients and hence registered with UK Data protection Act to ensure our clients confidence and respect and fulfil our corporate commitment. Our robust systems enable us to mange our performance and release our potential to optimum level by identify and improving on gaps. We regularly review our performance against national targets by following NICE and other international guidelines