Our Glass Nail files go through hardening process that increases their mechanical resistance. The laboratory tests proved that the flex strength of our hardened glass nail file is much higher than normal non hardened nail files.

To use our glass nail file already prepare your nails first for filing. Soak your fingertips in warm water before use. Make sure all nails are at an equal length by using nail nipper. Always file in one direction and while filing avoid the corner edges of each nail. Continue filing to achieve your desired results. Repeat these steps once a week to maintain healthy and beautiful nails. These nail files can also be ideal for artificial nails but make sure the file is regularly dipped into water to reduce the friction on the gel or artificial nail.

Our Glass Nail files are not porous so cannot absorb water and does not form any environment for bacterial or fungal infections. Also our nail files are disinfected, boiled or sterilised. They never suffer corrosion even in aggressive conditions and always retain their properties. These glass nail files are ideal for professional use as the excellent
grinding ensures quality and nail treatment and sterilisation eliminates the risk of spreading nail infections among customers. Also they can be sterilised to use on next customer and it bring more satisfied customers.