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About GSUK

GSUK is a UK based group providing a range of innovative management services. We specialise in Training and development and capacity building. Our group provide comprehensive management solutions to public, private and voluntary sector all over the world. Positive Impact is one of our ventures to share expertise internationally.

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We believe in delivering high quality services. We have a team of high profile, experts representing us in many parts of the world to provide their services. Our team members are handpicked to build our wide portfolio of expertise. Their wealth of experience and knowledge enable us to deliver world class services.

We provide value added services by modelling knowledge, expertise and experience from healthcare and management domains and pioneer the idea of working in collaboration with private and public institutions. We are leading our industry partners to provide a holistic approach to healthcare solutions which are outcome based.

We see ourselves as our client’s partner and support them with our expertise to reach their goal. Our team of professionals analyse, build insight and incorporate the core business functions of our client to optimise the productivity of solutions provided by us. We value our client’s resources and have a right skill set to provide cost efficient, sustainable and innovative ways to achieve their business outcomes.

We have academics, strategic thinkers, senior leaders, certified trainers and assessors in our team to provide state of art services. Our links and enmeshed networks with world leading institutes and management firms enable us to provide world class services. Our skill mix complements all dimensions of management services and helps us to deliver services to best standards.

Our business model is specially designed to provide tailor made solutions to meet the challenges of our customers. We provide strong frameworks and technical tools to simplify many complications in healthcare settings. We also consider people based approach to ensure gains and outcomes.

Our services are both comprehensive and responsive to the needs of our clients including solo practitioners, hospitals, GP practices, Pharmaceutical firms, Primary care trusts, GP consortia, National and international health organisation, Statutory and public organisations and charities. To find out more about us please visit

Our Vision

We are aspired to be leading providers of facilitating delivery of health and social care across the globe. We would like to follow world class standards and employ top talent to innovate, invigorate and regenerate the health and wellbeing. With our social responsibility we endeavour to embrace diversity, minimise inequalities in service provision and cultivate health and well being in communities.


We value our end users and therefore people are at the heart of our services.
We value our partnership approach with clients to maximise efficient service delivery.
Our relationship in industry is important to us as we believe on collaborative approach to evolve services which benefit a population.
Quality of our services and our drive to provide value for money.